Self-serve data management

Create pipelines from any data source to your data warehouse

The simplest platform to get and remix your data from any source.

Integrate data from any source like Zendesk or Intercom or Mailchimp

Collect your data easily

You only need a few seconds to a few minutes to connect to any data source like Intercom, Mailchimp, or Zendesk and more.

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From Zero to Data Infrastructure

Setup and run your data acquisition and preparation tasks in minutes instead of hours. Send you data anywhere from Amazon Redshift, to PostgreSQL or MS SQL instance.

Single view of all your data

Get a single view of your business. Gather more data and drive your marketing and product decisions. Remix data from your favourite CRM and marketing automation tools, togeher with data coming from your internal databases.

Enable new data driven processes faster

Get your data when you need it, as you need it. It is always relevant, on time and available.

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All your data from your favorite sources in one place. Access it easily.

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