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Get Analytics Ready Data from your Favorite Cloud Service Into your Data Warehouse

Get Analytics Ready Data from your Favorite Cloud Service Into your Data Warehouse

All the Power You Need To Start Working with your Data, Right Now

Easy & Simple Setup

Get access to all your data without the hassle of a complex data infrastructure. It is just a matter of a few minutes of setup to have your data into your data warehouse, ready for analysis.

Connecting All the Dots

Combining data from different sources can maximize the value you get from it. Bring all your data into a single place easily. Obtain a unified view of all your data.

Turbocharge your data warehouse

Blendo optimizes your data according to your data warehouse, for maximum performance and lower costs. Send your data to Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery PostgreSQL or MS SQL and more coming soon.

 Our clients talk

  • It works like magic! It backfills my ads data and it took my multichannel reporting in the next level.

    Scott Garrison
    Scott Garrison Director, Insights & Research at Swash Labs
  • Thanks to Blendo and their integrations with all our main systems we can have everything very easily in PowerBI which is automatically updating every night so there is no need to update anything manually.

    Pavla Munzarova
    Pavla Munzarova Finance Director at Mews Systems
  • Blendo is indeed one of the best companies I worked with. Especially the support from Kostas has been terrific.

    Ankur Sharma
    Ankur Sharma Head of Analytics at Instamojo
  • Blendo does what it says it will do…moreover, the documentation is clear and the support is excellent. I’m only partially technical and had no problems with the setup.

    James Sherwin
    James Sherwin Business Intelligence Consultant at THE Medical
  • From finding Blendo, to having it ‘up and running’ took around 10 minutes for the first integration. I was super impressed how simple it was.

    Andrew Joyce
    Andrew Joyce Co-founder, Found

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Try Blendo free for 14 days. No credit card required.