about us

Our Vision

We are on a mission to help companies become truly data-driven.

While most companies today are data-informed,  we provide them with the means to move beyond the multitude of sources to a unified, structured data stack, helping to focus on analysis. Data is becoming more and more scattered, it constantly changes shape and it doesn’t flow freely between different company units. At Blendo, our goal is to help companies turn their data into actions, so we built the ultimate data management platform that connects, reshapes and delivers actionable data.We focus on simple integration procedures, and automate data collection, to help clear the fog surrounding data, while developing innovative and scalable technology to bring companies closer to their actionable data.


We created Blendo through our joint work as a team of data engineers, working with data and API integrations on various projects. With a background in entrepreneurship and academics, we’re proud to be members of the Greek startup community in Athens.

  • Eleni Markou
    Eleni Markou Data Sommelier

    Eleni is our Data Sommelier. She is passionate about turning data into products, actionable insights and meaningful stories. Oh she is a pilot too!

  • Fotis Xenikoudakis
    Fotis Xenikoudakis Founder

    With a masters in computer science from the Technical University of Athens, Fotis leads the team’s development efforts.

  • George Psistakis
    George Psistakis Founder

    A Systems Engineer, loves data, agile, hustling and technology. A father of two and an Athenian, born and raised.

  • Ioannis Bekiaris
    Ioannis Bekiaris Developer

    With a wide range of startup experience, Ioannis brings tons of experience to Blendo’s engineering, along with Fotis.

  • Kostas Pardalis
    Kostas Pardalis Founder

    A data engineer and researcher from the Technical University of Athens, Kostas is also an Alba Business School graduate and leads Blendo’s business side.