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Name: AgriWebb Employees: 40+ Locations: Surry Hills, New South Wales, Australia Industry: Agricultural data management & tracking

Data Sources: Intercom, Google Adwords, Chargebee, Stripe, MixpanelSalesforce Pardot, Salesforce, MailChimp,

Data Warehouse Destination: Amazon Redshift, RDS PostgreSQL

About AgriWebb

AgriWebb provides software tools and that bring modern farming practices into the digital age. AgriWebb’s platform tracks data from animals, inventory, medical reports, and much more, giving users key insights into the efficiency of their operation and practices. The platform is designed by a data- and technology-driven team that uses their extensive agricultural experience and bleeding edge innovations to deliver robust performance-based analytics to their clientele.

The Situation

AgriWebb helps its customers streamline the process by which they manage their farms and livestock. As such, the platform thrives on its efficiency on both the front end and the back end. Armed with extremely talented core teams of product managers and engineers, the company founded its growth team in order to reach a wider customer base and work toward its mission of delivering the digital future of agriculture.

However, they quickly realized that they lacked the 360-degree view of their company even though they had high-quality data on their operations. The Head of Growth of AgriWebb was determined to address the problem. Finally, they recognized the need of a circumspect view of the organization in order to understand who their customers were, how they first got them, and how those customers moved through their sales pipeline.

With that knowledge, AgriWebb would be able to consolidate their internal processes to streamline moving customers from the point of an initial ad impression to valued ongoing account. One of the biggest problems the Head of Growth and his team identified was an issue of waste linked to one of its internal processes. The engineering team regularly had to create and run custom scripts to export data on things like product usage, sales, and marketing data in order to update stakeholders on the company’s performance.

Describing the problem, they explained…

when we needed an update on our company performance, our engineers would produce a CSV file by running a custom-built javascript with the required metrics numbers, such as the number of users, active users, companies.

AgriWebb needed a software solution that would collect and collate their business data and improve their overall BI. Areas of focus included the customer journey, churn risk, and more. With these factors all relating directly to the financial health of the company, it made sense to the whole team to invest in the infrastructure that would support their analytics and reporting goals quickly, efficiently, and accurately.

The Solution

The secret to streamlining and maximizing BI for SaaS companies is to have all of their data available, accurate and with as little friction as possible. Blendo’s self-serve data integration platform allows companies like AgriWebb to collect and sync cross-departmental data with any data warehouse. With no programmer needed, Blendo delivers accurate and on-time data to get the information you need to take action.

“Without IT, I was surprised how easy it was to get the 1-click integrations piping all the relevant info into our data warehouse”

–  Head of Growth

The Head of Growth and his team recognized that the solution to their problem would lie in unifying and collecting data from various data silos in order to visualize it. Explicitly they explain…

Our team had no dedicated analytics infrastructure with siloed business performance data. So we had to do a ton of detective work between excel sheets and ad-hoc platforms with no unified picture across the business.

Working with the engineering team, the growth team designed an efficient and elegant solution to their situation that would require little in the way of ongoing maintenance. Their solution would have to be scalable and flexible on data ingestion while providing unified and accurate data, all delivered in real-time for optimal BI insights.

After working with the in-house engineering team, AgriWebb had a data warehouse and BI tool in place but still lacked one primary component for their solution: a data integration platform that would unify various data sources with customer touchpoints such as Google Ads, Salesforce Pardot, MailChimp, Intercom, Mixpanel, Stripe, Chargebee, Salesforce, databases and more.

With Blendo, they were able to gain quick and easy access to business data, saving the engineering team their invaluable time while also producing high quality, accurate data for use in producing actionable insights. Blendo affords him the ability to integrate and use ready data 90% faster than AgriWebb’s previous manual process.

Through Blendo we can now have our product, marketing, and billing data that will help us paint a picture around our customers. Before Blendo we couldn’t even measure churn! Now we can communicate the logic, data, and business definition of decisions and moves we are making, which helps our team all get on the same page faster.“, they said about Blendo.

Now the data that the Head of Growth and his team gets is always current, up to date, and 100% accurate without any backend maintenance from the AgriWebb team.

“We needed a solution that would be quick and easy to set up, scalable with little or no maintenance, and to provide timely, accurate and relevant data for BI. Blendo gave us all that and more.”

                                                                                                                                   – Head of Growth, AgriWebb


As a result of their investment in Blendo, AgriWebb quickly had ready access to all the data they need at any time. Blendo helped AgriWebb set up a data analytics stack in mere minutes, eliminating any need for AgriWebb to devote engineering time, build their own data integrations, or expend resources on additional personnel or tools.

In addition to drastically reducing the time spent preparing data, Blendo gave AgriWebb access to considerably more accurate, on time —and therefore more useful—data. Rather than worrying about making decisions based on outdated or even obsolete data because of running collection scripts, preparing and modeling it, AgriWebb now spends their precious time gleaning invaluable insights from it.

“Blendo lets us move rapidly and mature our data strategy without having to go through dev. That’s a big value-added. Blendo works.”

– Head of Growth, AgriWebb

Collecting all of AgriWebb’s data sources helped the Growth team analyze customer engagement, measure churn, and optimize the company’s marketing efforts and conversions. With their data integrated with their BI tool, AgriWebb now produces accurate reports at the click of a button.

Blendo enables us to move rapidly and mature our data strategy without having to go through dev. That’s a big value add. Blendo works.

Setting the Stage for Growth

Now that AgriWebb has a handle on their data integration needs, they’re able to make investments in user experience, process and improve technology to engage, acquire, and retain more subscribers.

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