PostgreSQL to Power BI

PostgreSQL and Power BI Integration: Frictionless access to your Postgresql data

Analyze your PostgreSQL data into Power BI

Understanding how your product data that reside in PostgreSQL affect other functions in your company will help you grow and learn your customers. Collect your product and business data into your data warehouse and connect Power BI with PostgreSQL, sales, marketing or other data sources. Drill down to your data, find how to perform advanced analysis among your production data, your customers, your marketing, and sales.

From Data Silos to Business Analytics

Fuse sales, marketing or support data in your data warehouse in minutes. Blendo intelligently syncs and identifies changes so you will always have the most current information.

Analytics Ready Data for Power BI

Blendo delivers analytics-ready tables into your data warehouse, created and optimized for analysis with Power BI. Get back the time from transforming and structuring tables to tapping into business insights.

  • Thanks to Blendo and their integrations with all our main systems we can have everything very easily in our BI which is automatically updating every night so there is no need to update anything manually.

    Pavla Munzarova
    Pavla Munzarova Finance Director at Mews Systems

How to start with PostgreSQL and Power BI Connector

Pull PostgreSQL and other cloud data sources with one-click connectors into Power BI. Get consistent, analytics-ready Postgres data in minutes.

Connect PostgreSQL

Send to Your Data Warehouse

Analyze your data in Power BI

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Success Stories

Mews Case Study
Mews Scores Big With Easy Access To Data & Reduced Reporting Time.

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Use Cases

As soon as your PostgreSQL data is synced into your BI here are some ways you can use it.

Read Replica

Make a read replica of your production data into your analytics database.

Sync Historical and Updated data

Sync your historical and new or updated data into your analytics database.

360 degrees view

Combine data from your production DB, sales, marketing, support and get a 360 degrees understanding of your customers and how they behave with your product.

 All your data from your favorite sources in one place. Access it easily.

Getting started takes less than 3 minutes.

Sync your data from any Data Source.

Blendo integrates with cloud services so you do not need to write any code. Connect any data source with a few clicks. No maintenance to think of. We will prepare, transform and push your data into your data warehouse so you can start analyzing your data right away.