Blendo partners with Panoply: Build an analytics infrastructure in less than 5 minutes

Blendo Team

Today we’re announcing a significant benefit that data analysts will have when they choose Blendo. You’ll now be able to provision in minutes a Redshift instance through our 1-click integration with Panoply and connect any data source through Blendo. Data analytics infrastructure in minutes and the entire process is all done within Blendo!

The data analytics stack – your data, a data warehouse and a way for you to “see” your data. As a data integration software service, Blendo ties a company’s data into your data warehouse, to enable advanced analytics and enhance their insights. We want to provide our customers with the flexibility to connect to the data warehouse of their choice, but sometimes you may not even have a data warehouse at all, as you are just getting started.

Who is and how it works

Panoply provides end-to-end data management-as-a-service. It can quickly setup a managed data warehouse and scale it with out you having to deal with managing your analytical infrastructure.

From Panoply you can view, process and query your data. Panoply also handles maintenance tasks like vacuuming and backup, optimizes your queries and more. You can have a look on their platform here.

Your data available in minutes

Get your data sources connected in almost 1 minute.

Access your data even faster

There you have it. Provision a data warehouse with Panoply through Blendo in 1-click and connect your data sources through Blendo. That is all done within Blendo, and the entire process takes a couple of minutes.

If you’re a Blendo customer, you can sign in to your account and start using it right away. We have put together a separate setup guide that you find in our help docs.

If you aren’t a Blendo customer but would like more information about how you can build a full analytics stack in a few minutes, you can view our landing page to learn more.

Work with analytics-ready data into your database with no configuration - no maintenance data pipelines. Raw data to insights in minutes.

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