Blendo Product Update July: Panoply integration, pipeline status, Enchant, Hubspot CRM data source, data resource improvements, & More!

Blendo Team

This month our team has shipped some new features and improvements to our ETL as a service product that we want to share. In this product update, you will find information on:

– New data warehouse as an output with
– New data source integration, Enchant.
– Pipeline status improvements
– Data source resources and data model schema improvements
– Bugs squashed
– Resources

In addition this month we worked a lot on improving our backend infrastructure and coding. That will help us improve the overall experience with blendo and introduce new features in the following sprints.

No database? No problem!

Prior to our integration with Panoply, blendo required you to have a database or a data warehouse at hand. In addition, you always needed some time to configure a database instance, even for testing out Blendo. Of course, you could have one BigQuery up and running in minutes, but now we made it even simpler.

We know that many of our users needed an easy way to access their data without the hassle of managing data warehouses and ETL. With our integration, you are now able to provision in minutes a Redshift instance in 1-click and connect any data source through Blendo.

Data analytics infrastructure in minutes and the entire process is all done within Blendo!

ETL data into your data warehouse

Read more about Blendo and Panoply integration.

New data source: Hubspot CRM

Hubspot CRM is a popular CRM tool. We are also using it, our customers use it and now you can pull your customer data from your Hubspot CRM in minutes.

Import your Hubspot CRM data into your data warehouse -

New data source: Enchant

Enchant is a Customer support at its finest. We heard you and we understand that your customers are important, so digging into your support data could help you further in your customer’s delight. Our Enchant data source integration is now in Beta.

Import your Enchant data into your data warehouse -

Pipeline Status

If you have created a pipeline you can now have a better view of its status like when an import starts, when it finishes and when Blendo exports your data into your data warehouse.

Blendo pipeline status

Data source resources and data model schema improvements

Google Sheets: improvements in UI and pipeline creation flow.

Hubspot: Blog resource added. See Hubspot schema.

Pipedrive: Products, Deals_Changes, Deals_Products resource added. See Pipedrive schema.

Xero: Credit Notes resource added. See Xero schema.

Zendesk: Ticket Event Comments resource added. Zendesk Schema.


You may read some SQL queries to help you do stuff like casting or views with the latest events for Facebook Ads for example.

Updated our KPI library with more SQL queries with questions you may ask your data.

In June, we released the Amazon Redshift guide for Data Analysts. That 100+ page guide on how to work with Amazon Redshift, learn its ins and outs and improve your work with data on top of Redshift.

You can download the full e-book online.


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