Blendo Weekly – Monday, June 13th, 2016

Giorgos Psistakis

Transform Customer Experience by Tracking your Custom Customer Success Metrics (read now)

Customer Success: No matter, what tools we use for customer support, data are generated, data that you can use to understand, monitor and improve your customer support strategy and execution. This post is how to vamp your Intercom data with custom queries (provided).

Transform Customer Experience by Tracking your custom Customer Success Metrics

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Blendo Data Monthly: Captain America, Data Science & how to optimize email campaigns (read now)

How to get your data from Xero and have easy SQL access, or how to load your Zendesk data into your data warehouse.

From Around The Web

Here are 5 things I thought were worth sharing this week:

  1. Watch this 45min video presentation the basics (and beyond) of AI and deep learning from Frank Chen, Head of a16z Deal and Research team.
  2. Machine Intelligence Will Let Us All Work Like CEOs… Oh do we? Harvard Business Review says so.
  3. An overview of the top 5 NoSQL database engines in use today. That is MongoDB, Cassandra,Redis,HBase, Neo4j. A post found at KDnuggets.
  4. Can you use Machine Learning to boost sales? Yes you can! Per Harald Borgen explains how they did it in Xeneta.
  5. Teaching Robots to Feel: Emoji & Deep Learning 👾 💭 💕. Pure awesomeness!