Blendo Weekly – Monday, May 30th, 2016

Giorgos Psistakis

How to Access data in Amazon Redshift and PostgreSQL with Python and R (read now)

This is a short and sweet guide from Kostas. He wrote about how to access data that may reside in Redshift or PostgreSQL with Python and R (with all the code needed).

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21+ Online Courses to Get Started Today with Data Cleaning (read now)

We have also set up a list with the most popular Data Science courses out there related to the subject of Data cleaning.

From Around The Web

Where Predictive Analytics Is Having the Biggest Impact

Harvard Business Review had an article about the value of predictive analytics. Hint: Demand, pricing, and maintenance.

Open Sourcing Twitter Heron

When I first heard the name Heron, my mind traveled to Heron of Alexandria, a Greek Mathematician, Physicist and Engineer who lived in 10-70AD. But then it seems Twitter had its own Heron, a real-time analytics platform that is fully API-compatible with Storm.
And then they made Heron open source 😉

Number of metal bands per capita in Europe

I was never a fan of metal music. I am more into electronic. But my co-founder at Blendo is a huge fan and he plays in a band! So when he found Greece being in a really high position at this map showing the “density” of metal bands in European countries he was really excited. And sad at the same time because he now has more competition.