Blendo Weekly – Wed, Aug 17th, 2016

Giorgos Psistakis

The Best Blogs Every Data Analyst Should Follow (read now)

Data Analysts and Data Scientists are looking every day to uncover insights in a sea of data. What about looking to find the best resources related to data analysis and data science in a sea of blogs, newsletters, and marketing noise? Two weeks ago we wrote in Medium a list with some of the most up-to-date newsletters in the field of data science and big data. Today we have a list with some of the best blogs to follow.

Hooked with Intercom

Using webhooks as a way of communicating services together seems simple but it creates different and useful scenarios. In Intercom and customer success using webhooks is even more important.

+ This month we wrote about PokemonGo and data, about Yelp’s Real-time Data Pipeline with Apache Kafka, Redshift and Spark. Along with some of the best posts last month about Data Science and Machine Learning. Read the latest Blendo Data Monthly: PokemonGo, Data Science, Data Engineering and more.

From Around The Web


Big Data “transforms” every sector it “touches”. IoT comes to amplify this to industries that Food Sector. Barcodes and sensors are being applied to food chains from the beginning of a product journey to its processing plants, warehouse, distribution and finally in the grocery store. With big data and IoT, Problems like logistics, inventory management, and safety are some of the challenges solved. (via TechRepublic)

+ Can a computer copy your handwriting? Yes!


How Cloud Computing Helps The US Cycling Team. IBM developed an analytics system that pairs environmental and rider data. With its IBM Watson IoT Platform, coaches can track athlete power watts, lap timing, new muscle oxygenation and matched burned results in real time. (via


This is a post that became viral. David Robinson (Data Scientist at Stack Overflow) made a text analysis of Trump’s tweets. (via Variance Explained)


Data tables still collect and organize much of the information we interact with on a day-to-day basis. If the design is done right, it makes complex data easy to scan and compare. Let’s design better data tables.


“Data curation is the art of maintaining the value of data…The goal is to keep the data valuable so it can be reused in as many business applications as possible”. A super interesting post from TechRepublic about the importance of data curation inside companies. (via TechRepublic)


Data Is Plural. Data Is Plural is a weekly newsletter with a collection of datasets. They made a google sheet with all the datasets so far.

+ 17 R packages that provide access to publicly available data.