Blendo Weekly – Wed, Sep 7th, 2016

Giorgos Psistakis

How to Build a Custom Dashboard to Track the Most Important Metrics & KPIs of your Email Marketing Campaigns


email marketing analytics: Tracking metrics and kpis

This time we went 100% hands-on. We wrote a post with how to setup and monitor some of the most important email marketing metrics in a custom dashboard. In order to run our email marketing analytics we used three main elements:

  1. The email marketing campaign data with Mailchimp.
  2. A database to move our data to and a Data Model to work with. Blendo will help us with it.
  3. A Dashboard. for this step we are going to use on of our go-to tools for the job, Mode.

Read more on how to build a custom dashboard to track your most important metrics & KPIs of your Email Marketing Campaigns.

From Around The Web


Facebook + Data. Got your attention? When talking about infrastructure and scalability then looking for cases like Facebook are no brainer. They recently wrote a post with their challenges with Apache Spark where they push it to its limits. This is a 60 TB+ production use case.


Machine learning and Artificial Neural Networks although old in concept, have a huge impact today but nobody knows quite how they work. And that means no one can predict when they might fail.

+ A 6-min read of the history of Neural Networks

+ Approaching (Almost) Any Machine Learning Problem


Analyzing 133 GBs of code in 16 seconds? With BigQuery. This is a 30min post by Felipe Hoffa Developer Advocate at Google. He parsed a billion files among 14 programming languages to decide which one is on top.



An awesome talk about Excel! and why we suck at it, with Joel Spolsky (~1h video) and a great resource about Cohort Analysis by Looker.


A great tutorial for working with large datasets using Pandas.

+ Making publication ready Python Notebooks.

+ 80+ Free Data Science Books


We all know that having your data in one place created a lot of value. But how important is Data warehousing? A concrete post about the importance of Data warehousing and 6 questions that will save time and money.


Paddle (PArallel Distributed Deep LEarning) is Baidu’s open source deep learning framework. Originally developed by Baidu engineers for applying deep learning to Baidu.