How We Achieved Sales and Marketing Success Using Blendo, CRM and Marketing Data [Customer Story]

Blendo Team

Adrien Ulens is the Head of Marketing at Gogoprint, an online printing company operating in five Asia-Pacific countries under brand names Gogoprint and Zenprint in Australia. The tech firm aims to move APAC’s printing industry online using advanced technology and excellent customer support service.

Among other things, it focuses on high and consistent quality up to European standards, low prices, and excellent customer service.

Prior to using Blendo, the Gogoprint team had to rely to a large extent on manually generated management reporting. As their product progressed and their customer base grew, Gogoprint realized it needed more detailed data to run analyses and make strategic decisions. After browsing some options, the marketing team decided to give Blendo a run.

Let’s dig into Gogoprint’s customer story.

Evolving marketing and sales

Of course, Gogoprint had access to their CRM and other marketing tools but extracting data and integrating it with other data sources was always problematic. “It was complicated and time-consuming to extract the necessary data from our CRM and marketing systems, and then easily use it in combination with other data sources. That was a major obstacle preventing us from better understanding our customers, their behavior, and the performance of our marketing campaigns. What we needed was a way to automate the data extraction process in order to push it into a single place in a structured manner.”, Adrien said.

As Gogoprint’s customer base is growing every day, it’s getting more and more diverse. That meant they needed even more time and manual effort to segment their customers for marketing reasons and make it as accurate as possible.

What we needed was a way to automate the data extraction process in order to push it into a single place in a structured manner.

Gogoprint now leverages Blendo to easily extract relevant data from several data sources, in order to build a data infrastructure that puts the customer at the center.

“Blendo played a central role in building an enhanced view of our customers, enriched with all of CRM and marketing data. This obviously gives us a lot of leverage in running important analyses for Business Intelligence and high-level decision-making. Without Blendo we couldn’t as easily have built the dashboards that we rely on today.” said Adrien.

A holistic solution with Blendo and Pipedrive CRM

Adrien and the team at Gogoprint use Pipedrive as their main CRM. Pipedrive is known to not grant users access to the database and raw data behind the neat web-based interface. However, to set up powerful analytics in BI tools, you need access to the raw data source.

From the moment Adrien connected Pipedrive to their data warehouse through Blendo, they started collecting analytics-ready data into their database that could be used right away for building powerful sales and customer dashboards.

Now we can monitor our performance across different departments in real time.

“Blendo proved its strength and use-case after we tried it with Pipedrive. Without it, we would have struggled to easily automate the extraction of important sales information. Now we can monitor our performance across different departments in real time, which is a great feature. If not for Blendo we would still be swamped with manual data manipulation and error-prone BI.” said Adrien.

In the same vein, Gogoprint has been using Blendo to automate the extraction of relevant Facebook Ads data, crucial for measuring the performance of marketing campaigns.

Customer in the Center

“In Blendo, we found a company that really cares about making their customers’ lives easier and more convenient. Just like Gogoprint, Blendo has a strong focus on excellent support and total customer satisfaction. In addition, Blendo allows us to place our own customers even more center-stage, by arranging all important data around our customers as the central node.” said Adrien

As Gogoprint continues to grow, they plan to lean-in further with even more marketing data and Blendo and ensure their service, support, and marketing teams are all in sync, and taking insights to apply across their business with their goal to customer understanding and satisfaction.