A Guide to Tracking the Digital Marketing Metrics that Matter – New Blendo eBook Download

Giorgos Psistakis

We are really excited about this one. Our team has released a new eBook to show digital marketers how to use Google’s Suite of free tools currently available to them in order to drive more ROI out of the data. By using Google’s powerful Data Studio, Google Sheets and various data sources marketers can generate the insights they need for optimal marketing performance.

The eBook lays out highly actionable tips for how to use Google’s Marketing Suite to collect and manipulate the disparate data sets created by all the different advertising platforms currently in use (Facebook, Twitter, AdWords, Bing etc.) without the nightmare of needing to export CSV files into spreadsheets. By leveraging Blendo’s industry-leading data solution, marketers can aggregate different sources in various data warehouse solutions and even Google Sheets with a few simple clicks.

These tips and insights will help you collect your data in a way that makes it easier and less time consuming to more accurately track spend and performance on your campaigns.

Here’s what you’ll learn in the eBook:

  • How to set up tracking so you can get a single picture of cross-channel data;
  • How to generate Google Sheets reports from Google Adwords;
  • How to use Google BigQuery to manage quantities of data that are too large to be handled in a single spreadsheet;
  • How to create marketing reports in Google data studio;
  • How to use Google Data Studio to track data and create new reports out of all the separate data sources;
  • How to use Blendo to create a fully scalable solution to overcome the time-consuming and error-prone task of manually manipulating data to track ad spend — all without the need to build or maintain an ETL infrastructure.

Here are some of the specific questions the eBook answers:

  • What information fields should I use to track ad spend in Adwords and Facebook Ads, and how should I aggregate them?
  • What resources are available to help me set up an Adwords or Facebook Ads data transfer into BigQuery?
  • How can I create a report showing the most relevant metrics Adwords ad spending tracking in Google’s Data Studio?
  • How can Blendo help eliminate the complexity associated with using free tools like BigQuery?

Download the eBook to Get Help Making Sense of the Digital Marketing Madness

Digital Marketers don’t have it easy in today’s environment. Executives know how much data is out there, and it falls to you to collect it, analyze it, and execute on it. Opportunities to drive ROI have never been better — or more complicated.

We’ve designed this eBook to help you shine a little bit of light on the hidden-in-plain-sight insights currently living in your cloud. If you want to learn how you can start breaking through platform silos, consolidating your data, and getting more out of your digital marketing efforts then download your copy of our Tracking the Digital Marketing Metrics that Matter for Digital Marketers here. You can also learn more about Blendo’s solution by contacting us directly: hello@blendo.co.

A Guide to Tracking the Digital Marketing Metrics that Matter - New Blendo eBook Download