3 Easy Steps to Export Raw Data from Mixpanel and Run Your SQL Queries Today

Blendo Team

Are you ready to set free your SQL queries? Do you think that you have your data in silos?

If yes, then this article will show you how to own your data and then run your questions on top of it.

There’s a continually growing number of data that businesses should use to understand their customers and how they behave with their product.

There are many tools that can help us analyze these data. Data analysts or product managers agree that Mixpanel is one of the most popular.

Mixpanel is the leading web and mobile analytics platform. Many businesses who are using Mixpanel have great results coming from the insights they get. It helps you to easily create funnels and visualizations of how people are using your product, or you may dive into events, analyze them create cohorts and discover trends.

What if I need to ask more complicated questions?

What is the average time between action A to action B?


How do custom segments of users behave in my product?

These are questions that you cannot answer from Mixpanel’s UI. That means that we will need to get access to the raw data from Mixpanel.

At the same time, that means you need an engineer to set up the integration, get you the data and maintain it. Yes? No?

What if I tell you that you can get access to your Mixpanel data in minutes? Get the data into an SQL database like Postgres or Microsoft SQL Database or even on Redshift in no time.

No kidding you may say. I can do it with an export script… I am talking about a way to have your data consistently on your SQL Database. A way to infer data types and Schemas, and at the same time make sure that we do not violate any schemas, etc…

Blendo is your companion to export your data from Mixpanel to run your own SQL queries. It will make sure you will have all your data in one place.

Success is in sight, and you should smell it already – sort of like this guy.



Step 1: Get your API Key and API Secret from Mixpanel

Login to your Mixpanel account.

Click Account in the top navigation bar. In the new modal, click Projects. Copy the API Key and API Secret for the Project you need.



Step 2: Get your SQL database credentials

You will need the:

  • Host Name
  • Port
  • Database Name
  • Username & Password

Step 3: Load your data from Mixpanel to your SQL database

Signup and Login to Blendo. Add Mixpanel as a source and add your API Key, API Secret and you Mixpanel’s Project timezone. (Read more here on how to set up the Mixpanel integration)


Add your database as an output


Add your credentials and you are Done!

Now give yourself a well-deserved high five. Enjoy now the rest of the day with the time we freed up for you.


Blendo will make sure you will always have in one place all your Mixpanel data or other data sources, most current and consistently! Let me know your thought in the comments bellow.

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