New Integration: Import Salesforce data into your Data Warehouse for Sales Analytics

Blendo Team

When we are talking about sales, Salesforce comes to mind. Our Salesforce integration was a long waiting connector that we are now super excited to have it live!

If you want to have a 360-degree view of your customer and her journey, you need to have access to multiple data sources. These data sources can be centralized in one data warehouse where your sales, customer support, marketing, transactional and behavior data will come together.

Salesforce is our most recent addition to the list of connectors to help you achieve the holistic view of your customer’s journey. Blendo has out-of-the box connectors for SaaS services like Zendesk, QuickBooks, Stripe and Facebook Ads that give you the power of self-serve integration and loading data into Redshift, BigQuery, MS SQL and PostgreSQL.

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Sales Analytics?

Yes, you can easily build your own analytics data stack, where you have all your data sources into a centralized data warehouse, and SaaS data can be analyzed on its own or combined with other sources. In this context Sales Analytics will help your Sales teams work more effectively and close deals! Let’s see what you can achieve.

You may start with simpler sales analytics cases and KPIs that become really powerful and insightful when you have all the information together. For example, Opportunities tracking, Deal size tracking or Sales funnels can be segmented by any customer attribute to reflect your sales targets.

Sales teams have pipelines. Understanding them is the most powerful way to optimize them, increase the productive time of the Sales reps and of course boost revenue. Identify where your pipeline needs fixing, more focus, or more resources.

Make Sales and Pipeline projections using Salesforce data.

Provide Customer Health information to your Sales teams or Customer Success teams. For example, combining data from your support system i.e. Zendesk, with data from billing like Stripe, and data from sales from Salesforce you may be fully informed of the status of your customer.

Understand the full journey of your prospects or customers by combining data from your email marketing, CTAs, behavior in your app, chat messages, support tickets, and website analytics.

Companies value most their customers. By understanding them they provide even more value.

1-click Salesforce integration with a data warehouse

With Blendo we give you superpowers. Here is a short intro on how to connect Salesforce as a data source.

Connect Salesforce as data source

Get started with our Salesforce integration documentation and Salesforce Data model with a data warehouse

Supported data warehouses

With Blendo, you can now send your Stripe payments data into warehouses like:

What’s next?

Blendo helps sales teams to develop their Sales Analytics. Previously silo-ed data now they can be accessed without effort in engineering and time resources. Be up and running in minutes.

Blendo will take care all the heavy lifting of your data integrations for you; so you can create smarter sales insights. Today.

Check out our documentation for complete information about Salesforce integration.

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