Introducing Hubspot Integration: Make your Marketing Analytics Go The Extra Mile

Blendo Team

Welcome Hubspot! We are thrilled to introduce our Hubspot integration. You can now load all your marketing and sales data from Hubspot to your data warehouse.

If you’re a Blendo user, you already know that we make it easy to collect your valuable data from any data source into your data warehouse in minutes.

Marketeers know Hubspot as an awesome inbound marketing and sales tool that helps attract visitors, leads, and convert them to customers. Yeah, they have an excellent blog too.

Marketing Analytics

So your company probably generates a large number of valuable data related to your marketing, sales, and customers inside Hubspot.

As a tech-savvy marketeer (or not so much) or a data analyst, you probably think that you need to get these valuable data into your BI or analytics stack. Fast. And start working with them.

From our side, we understand the importance of marketing data and the value they can bring in a company if fused with data like customer success, product, billing or customer support.

That’s why we built the integration with Hubspot.

If you think this is not for you, or it is too techie, please stay. Getting your Hubspot data into your data warehouse is a 2 minutes process and not at all techie!

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Getting your Hubspot data into your data warehouse

Here is a short intro on how to connect Hubspot as a data source.


Getting your Hubspot data into your data warehouse

The idea is simple:

1) You need to have a data warehouse (of course)


2) Connect it to Blendo


3) Connect Hubspot to Blendo


4) We connect everything

Check out our documentation for complete information about Hubspot integration and enjoy.

Your Hubspot data in your data warehouse

Having connected Hubspot with Blendo, you can now send your marketing data into data warehouses like:

Blendo will take care all the heavy lifting for you; sync your Hubspot data, prepare the Hubspot data model in your database so that you can work your way up to your insights and value for your company.

What’s next?

If you’re using SQL, you now have all your data from multiple data sources in one place to analyze. If you want to use a BI tool or dashboard on top of your data warehouse, Blendo will help you supercharge your BI stack, your data reports, and your team.

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Data previously inaccessible, are now on your favorite, easy to use data warehouse and tool of your choice. In minutes.

Own your marketing data!


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