Mews Scores Big With Easy Access To Data & Reduced Reporting Time

Blendo Team

Like traveling? Chances are you have stayed at least once in a hotel or hostel. The transformation of the hotel industry operations by the use of technology, in turn, changes the guest experience.

Some background on Mews

Mews is a cloud-based, property management software that is revolutionizing hospitality operations. Mews’ platform automates check-ins,payments, booking management, and staff training.

Mews’ mission is to help hotels and hostels focus on their guests by automating their daily tasks. One of the most critical aspects of Mews’ business is the data-driven mentality and the automation of their functions. So it’s essential that any data management platform it uses offers flexible, consistent data for their Analytics team.

Blendo recently interviewed Pavla Munzarova, Finance Director at Mews, to learn more about the company’s pain points, why her team chose Blendo, and the success they achieved since adopting a data first culture. Pavla is responsible for the finance operations, accounting, but also the Mews’ Analytics team that is creating BI reports for the whole company.

Flexible setup and consistent data are vital for Mews

When Pavla joined Mews, there was no data team in place and no inbound sales. Knowing the importance of using data to become more competitive, Pavla immediately saw the value real-time financial reporting could bring to Mews.

To be able to achieve automation for our clients, we need to live it as well. We don’t want to go through painful manual monthly closures. A target for the finance team is to have real-time financial reporting, and the longtime vision is not to have any accounting closure at all (may sound ambitious, but that’s one of our company values.” Pavla said.

BI reporting is allowing the company to have current numbers every day automatically, enabling Pavla and her team to react quickly on anything that is currently happening.

After a thorough evaluation, Pavla selected Blendo as its partner to build their business insights stack. For Pavla, the ease of use of Blendo was unmatched since she synced all of her company data with their data warehouse and got ready to use analytics-optimized data. Now the finance, support, sales and marketing team are now on the same page. Pavla along with the rest of the management team have visibility into the contribution sales, support and marketing team have on the business.


My first pain was the monthly P&L report, which with three entities, required three exports of accounting transactions every time there was a change during closing and pasting them into Excel file. That is not a way how you achieve real-time reporting.

Before Blendo, Mews was dependent on the native reporting of their software or built-in reports and manual exports.

It’s a huge pain to be dependent on excel and manual analysis. We also tried using reporting tools that were integrated with our systems directly, but the issue is that none of them has all the integrations we would need so it wasn’t an efficient solution.”

Mews quickly decided they wanted to have only one place to store all the information so they can create reports covering information from more than one systems.

“I believe that the amount of time we now spend on reporting (we use PowerBI) would be ten times higher if we stayed with Excel files.”

Adding Blendo to their analytics stack

After switching to Blendo, Mews got a business intelligence stack in minutes, with zero technical overhead, while reducing reporting time by 90%.

Mews Case Study Results

How? Pavla – though partially technical – became the digital analytics transformation champion by connecting on her own all of the company data sources. Pavla synchronized data from Xero, Pipedrive, Zendesk, and Intercom into one place and at the same time got analytics-ready data, consistently. At the same time, she reduced technical overhead close to zero.

All our data. You name it; we have it!

Blendo provided Pavla the flexibility, consistent data and power to create almost any reporting they required.

“For finance, we are looking at our revenues per client, costs per department, various KPIs… We use dashboards for accounts receivables chasing, tracking of operational invoices volumes and workload, number of received tickets to finance support desk, but we also have dashboards on checks to make financial reconciliations easier and have created dashboards on consolidated results for our board and management.”

At the same time, their Sales and Customer care team manage to handle their insights even better.

“For the sales team we have connected Pipedrive with Blendo and PowerBI, so that we can see the performance by territory, sales manager, reseller, analyze the sources of leads or deal closing times. You name it; we have it!
For our customer care, we use the Zendesk and Intercom integrations to track the performance of the customer care team and can even include information that stored in Pipedrive for filtering in the tickets and response times.”

Bring more agility to your data analytics stack

To learn more about Pavla Munzarova and Mews’s experience with Blendo, check out the full Mews case study. And, to scale your Analytics Infrastructure into a critical stack accessible by the entire organization, speak with our team today.