New Integration: Import Your AfterShip Data into your Data Warehouse

Blendo Team

If you are on e-commerce, you use AfterShip and wanted to take your business insights to a next level, you can now sync all your AfterShip shipping data into your data warehouse in minutes. AfterShip makes it easy to track order status and shipments in real-time, helping you answer shipping inquires and boost customer experience.

The new integration will connect Blendo with AfterShip.  That means you can connect to AfterShip in no time, sync your data into your data warehouse in minutes and start working with your data.

What can you do with AfterShip integration?

With the new AfterShip connector, you will have your raw shipping data in your database and combine it with data from sales, marketing or support for example. Find out which shipped items return and why. Combine it with customer support data and optimize your Perfect Order Rate or combine data from other sources like e-commerce. Optimize your inventory and shipping based on your sales.

How do I connect AfterShip to sync my accounting data into your data warehouse?

To get started signup or login to Blendo (you can try it free for 14 days). If you have connected a data warehouse already just add a new data source and follow the on-screen instructions to connect AfterShip.

Need help? Check out our short walkthrough below.

Connect AfterShip as data source

Or check our documentation on how to setup an AfterShip integration.

Supported data warehouses

With Blendo, you can now send your AfterShip data into Amazon RedshiftGoogle BigQueryMS SQL Server, or PostgreSQL.

What kind of AfterShip data am I going to see in my data warehouse?

Here is an overview and a full version of the expected AfterShip schema in your data warehouse.

What’s next?

Blendo helps teams inside the various functions in a company to connect their shipping data with their data warehouse. Previously silo-ed data now they can be accessed without effort in engineering and time resources.

Want to try AfterShip integration? Try Blendo for 14 days, FREE.