New Integration: Import Your Google AdWords Data into your Data Warehouse

Blendo Team

You asked us if you can sync your Google AdWords data into your data warehouse. As of today, our Google AdWords integration is live and available.

Connect your AdWords account to Blendo today and sync your ads data to your data warehouse.

Why does anyone need to sync Google AdWords data into a data warehouse?

This integration connects with your AdWords account through OAuth. This allows Blendo to pull your ads data from AdWords and sync it to your data warehouse. This way you may combine your AdWords data along with other ads, marketing or support data into one place. Such a combination gives you the ability to drill down to your data from your advertisements to ad level. It also helps you really understand how much do you pay for your ads, or calculate your ROI down to the keyword and which ad converts better new users. Combine it with your event data and see if they are engaging with your product, or are they churning?


Getting your Google AdWords data into your data warehouse

Here is a short intro on how to connect Google AdWords as a data source.

Getting your Google AdWords data into your data warehouse

Check our documentation on how to setup a Google Adwords integration.

Supported data warehouses

With Blendo, you can now send your Google Adwords data into warehouses like:

What kind of Google Adwords data am I going to see in my data warehouse?

Here is an overview of the expected Google Adwords tables and columns in your data warehouse. You may see the full expected Google AdWords data schema here.

What’s next?

Blendo helps teams inside the various functions in a company to connect their marketing, support and sales data with advertisement data to optimize better their channels and superpower their analytics. Previously silo-ed data now they can be accessed without effort in engineering and time resources.

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