New Integration: Import Your QuickBooks Data into your Data Warehouse

Blendo Team

Do you use QuickBooks and want to sync all your Accounting data into your data warehouse in minutes? Well, we’ve got some excellent news for you! We’re excited to announce that our newest integration with QuickBooks Online is live and available for use. QuickBooks is one of the world’s leading accounting software platforms. Many companies use it to manage their invoicing and their business along the way.

The new integration will connect Blendo with QuickBooks Online using our new connector.  That means you can connect to QuickBooks in seconds, pull your data into your data warehouse in minutes and start working ASAP with your data. Blendo will take care all the data model and schema of your data in your data warehouse. All of our integration data models are optimized for analytics use and you as a data analyst in mind.

With the new QuickBooks connector, data analysts spend less time manually downloading order information, and more time generating smart insights. By having QuickBooks data in your database you may go beyond QuickBooks’s dashboards and drill down to your most essential QuickBooks accounting data and enable advanced tracking of your accounting and payments data.

In addition and most importantly you now have the ability to combine your accounting data with data from Facebook Ads or Google AdWords for example. Drill down to your data and see which campaign is more profitable or event understand your marketing expenses and support costs.

How do I connect QuickBooks to sync my accounting data into your data warehouse?

To get started signup or login to Blendo (you can try it free for 14 days). If you have connected a data warehouse already just add a new data source and follow the on-screen instructions to connect QuickBooks.

Need help? Check out our short walkthrough below.

Connect QuickBooks as data source

Or check our documentation on how to setup a QuickBooks integration.

Supported data warehouses

With Blendo, you can now send your QuickBooks data into Amazon RedshiftGoogle BigQueryMS SQL Server, or PostgreSQL.

What kind of QuickBooks data am I going to see in my data warehouse?

Here is an overview of the expected QuickBooks tables and columns in your data warehouse. You may see the full expected QuickBooks data schema here.

What’s next?

Blendo helps teams inside the various functions in a company to connect their accounting data with their data warehouse. Previously silo-ed data now they can be accessed without effort in engineering and time resources.

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