New Integration: Shopify – Import your e-commerce Data into your Data Warehouse

Blendo Team

There are literally hundreds of popular SaaS applications that are out there. We are trying hard to get the most popular in front of you as soon as possible.

So, today we are happy to introduce you to one of these popular applications, Shopify!

Shopify is an e-commerce solution that allows you to set up an online store to sell goods. It lets you organize your products, customize your storefront, accept credit card payments, track and respond to orders.

This integration will allow you to connect with Shopify and start receiving events for your products and orders. In minutes, these data will feed your data warehouse. Import your Shopify into Amazon Redshift or PostgreSQL or Azure MS SQL Database. It is only a few clicks and minutes away.

Want to save hours on your data managment tasks? Blendo can help!

Shopify Integration setup

In order to pull your data from Shopify you need two steps.

  1. Create one or more webhooks at Shopify.
  2. Point it to Blendo.

Shopify webhook integration

For more details read about our Shopify integration in the documentation.

Webhooks on Shopify?

For Shopify, webhooks are commonly used for events like new orders, new customers, delete customers, transactions, add/ remove products etc. And of course the are used for collecting live data for data warehousing.*

How to import data from Shopify into a Data Warehouse?

It depends on the output where you need your Shopify data at. Blendo supports data warehouses like:

You may also check our Blendo documentation about Data Warehouses with more details.

Would you like a demo on how to use Blendo? Reach out to us and we’ll show you around!