Blendo Helps Companies Have Analytics Ready Data from Sales, Support, Billing and Marketing for Smarter Business Decisions.

What Out Customers Are Saying:

  • I was asked to build a last-minute dashboard to report on trouble tickets for a project. Using Blendo I got the data import running almost immediately and was able to spend most of my time setting up the dashboard.

  • I didn't expect we would be able to automate so much thanks to Blendo. THANK YOU team Blendo for the amazing customer support, we love working with you!

  • Since we started working with you guys, things are looking great! If not for Blendo we would still be swamped with manual data manipulation and error-prone BI

  • "It's so easy! It just works and now I have business crucial data available at hand.

Case Studies


How AgriWebb managed to get timely, accurate and relevant data for BI.


How Viral Launch used their data as a strategic advantage to overcome churn.


Mews Scores Big With Easy Access To Data & Reduced Reporting Time


MyJobNow Transforms Sales and Lead Conversions and got a 15% increase in revenue.


How List Reports runs extremely targeted nurturing email campaigns with data from multiple sources.


How Found build a powerful data analytics stack in minutes instead of months.

 All your data from your favorite sources in one place. Access it easily.

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