Blendo pulls data from 3rd party sources and cloud services. These are the Input Data Sources, and you can explore them in our integrations page.

Setting up an integration in Blendo, in most cases, is a matter of minutes. You may just require entering your account credentials. After setting up the integration, all data will sync to your Destinations (database or data warehouse).

Go directly to our knowledge base with the detailed Input Data Source Documentation.


How it works:

Here is an overview of how the whole data process works.

  1. Data are generated at the data source.
  2. You Connect your Input Data Source through Blendo.
  3. Blendo will start importing your data from the Input Data Source.
  4. You Connect a Destination output. That could be a Data Warehouse or a database like PostgreSQL, Amazon Redshift, MS SQL or Google BigQuery.
  5. Blendo will load your Destination output with your data.
  6. Then you are ready to access your data. Query your data with your favorite Analytics or BI tool.

Let’s see which destinations we can send data to.

Configure an Input Data Source

In order to configure, pause/start a data source you need to click on it in Blendo dashboard.

How to initiate a manual sync

This will trigger a sync earlier than the scheduled one.

Set the Replication Frequency

If you want to change the replication schedule go to the Schedule section and click on Reschedule. In the next pop-up select one of the options available and click Apply.

Pause a Data Source

If you want to pause a data source go to the Schedule section and click on Pause.

Un-Pause (Resume) a Data Source

If you want to unpause (resume) a data source go to the Schedule section and click on Resume.

Delete a data source

If you want to delete a data source select your data source and go to the bottom. Click on Remove. Caution: This will not delete your data from your selected destination! It will only delete the pipeline from Blendo, so no more data will sync.


We pull data from any data source at a minimum, every fifteen (15) minutes. This is a configurable option.

We will push your data to the configured output Destination, whenever we have new information to send.

For Incoming webhooks push the data to your destination as often they come.

How long will it take to see my data in my configured output?

It depends on the amount of data we need to push to the destination. We have optimized the process, so you will always have the most recent data available and in time.

It depends on the data source. Blendo will pull all of the records available via our partners’ API. At the first sync, you will get the larger batch of data. For each resource exposed by the API a table is created. For each instance of the resource a row is created in the table. For example, if you have 1,000 users in Zendesk a table named Users will be created containing 1,000 rows, etc.



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