Step 3: How to connect Snowflake with Blendo

This guide considers that you already have a Snowflake instance setup. If not you can read how to setup a Snowflake data warehouse.

1. Go to your Blendo dashboard.

2. If it is the first time you log in to Blendo, you will see the screen below. Click on the box with Snowflake.

How to connect Snowflake with BlendoIf you have one data warehouse want to add another then click on the top drop down menu and then Add database.

How to connect Snowflake with Blendo3. Fill in the field boxes as follows:

  • Host: Your Snowflake URL. That will be something with a pattern like this (e.g. if you are on the eu-central-1 region).
  • Database: Enter the name of the Snowflake database.
  • Warehouse: Enter the name of the Snowflake warehouse.
  • Username: Enter the Snowflake user’s username.
  • Password: Enter the password associated with the Snowflake user.

How to connect Snowflake with Blendo4. When finished, click Validate & Save.

Schema Selection

You can also select the Schema where the data will be stored to. This is something that is done during the setup of your data warehouse but instead during the creation of a pipeline. There you can select at which Schema the data from source will be stored at (with public schema as default).

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