A Destination for Blendo is a data warehouse or a database. Your data warehouse is the central storage point for all the data from all the Input Data Sources.

So, if you are looking to optimize your analytics abilities and explore deeper all of your company’s data, we will take the pain of managing all these Input Data Sources from you. Blendo will get the data from any Input Source you connect, into any of the Destinations we support.

Blendo supports databases and data warehouses like Amazon RedshiftPostgreSQL, MS SQL and Google BigQuery where we can send your raw data. By providing a large number of possible outputs for your data. You do not need to worry on migration from system to system or limitations on your use cases.

You may skip directly to our knowledge base with the detailed Destinations Documentation.

Please note that Blendo does not provide a database or a data warehouse. The data, stream through Blendo and they reach your selected destination. We offer connectivity with Amazon Redshift, MS SQL or PostgreSQL nad Google BigQuery for storing your data.

After having all your data in one place, you may use your favorite Analytics or BI tool to query your data.



Blendo will push your data to the configured output, whenever we have new data to send.

How long will it take to see my data in my configured output?

It depends on the amount of data we need to push to the destination. We have optimized the process so you will always have the most recent data available and in time.

It depends on the data source. Blendo will pull all of the records available via our partners’ API. At the first sync, you will get the larger batch of data. For each resource exposed by the API a table is created. For each instance of the resource a row is created in the table. For example, if you have 1,000 users in Zendesk a table named Users will be created containing 1,000 rows, etc.

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