How to Setup Freshdesk Integration

This integration will allow you to connect with Freshdesk and start collecting your data. Our Blendo – Freshdesk connector queries the support data on Freshdesk and syncs it to feed your BI, your data warehouse, or your custom analytics stack.

Here are the steps involved:

  1. Connecting Freshdesk
  2. Set the Replication Frequency
  3. What Freshdesk data do I have available?
  4. Freshdesk expected Data Model and schema
  5. Freshdesk Integration FAQ

Getting Started – Setup Freshdesk integration at Blendo

1. To add this integration, go to Blendo dashboard. Click Add a Source and click on Freshdesk.

ETL Freshdesk data2. Click on Freshdesk icon.

Settings you need from Freshdesk

3. In the new Setup your Freshdesk source screen there are some data required that you will need to get from Freshdesk. More specifically you will need the: Subdomain of your Freshdesk URL and your Freshdesk API Key.

3.1. Login to your Freshdesk dashboard from a new tab.

3.2 On the URL of the browser window you may find the Subdomain. It should be in the form: For Blendo we will need the mysubdomain part of the URL.

3.3 Next we need the API Key. Click on your Profile Picture on the top right and click on “Profile Settings”

3.4. You will find the API Key in the sidebar on the right. Select and Copy your API Key.

Add these Freshdesk settings to Blendo

4. Let’s go back to our web browser tab with Blendo. Now that you have your:

  • Subdomain (step #3.2, above)
  • API Key (step #3.4, above)

you may now fill the relevant boxes into Blendo.

Add a Table Prefix if you want

Finally select your preferred Resources 

And then hit Create.

5. Then you will return back to the home dashboard. Click on your new Freshdesk data source.

Set the Replication Frequency

This configuration controls how often Blendo will pull data from your Freshdesk integration. Loading to your data warehouse could take a little bit longer.

6. If you want to change the replication schedule go to the Schedule section and click on Reschedule.

7. In the next pop-up select one of the options available and click Apply.


To help prevent overages, consider setting the integration to replicate less frequently. Ask us for help or recommendations.

What Freshdesk data do I have available?

Let’s see:

  • How Blendo syncs Freshdesk data
  • The tables with Freshdesk data that we create in your destination data warehouse

How Blendo syncs Freshdesk data

Historical Data

When Blendo first connects to Freshdesk Data source, will pull your historical data.

Sync Schedule

Blendo syncs Freshdesk data based on the schedule and frequency you choose. The default setting is every 1 hour but is configurable from inside the app.

Replication Process

The first time Blendo syncs your Freshdesk data performs a full replication. Then your Freshdesk data is replicated incrementally. Note that Blendo will only read your data.

After you finish the integration with Freshdesk, you might see its status as Importing from sourceExporting to the destination, or Completed.

Freshdesk API Limits & Replication Frequency

Freshdesk’s API enforces allows an amount of API calls per hour. For more information visit here.

Freshdesk Updates

You may notice some delay in replicating data from Freshdesk. Freshdesk currently does not support the retrieval of data that has been updated since a specific timestamp. Thus, Blendo is synchronising all the data from the resources for each pipeline execution.

Expected Freshdesk Data Model & Schema Information >>

Freshdesk Integration Troubleshooting FAQ

I get Import error message "Sorry, Please enable order management site setting to use this API"

If during the Freshdesk sync you see a message that your Import Failed with “Sorry, Please enable order management site setting to use this API“, that means that we are not able to sync your Orders resource.

This is because you will need to enable the Enable Order Management in Freshdesk’s UI first so Blendo can have access to your Orders resource from the API.

For more details please check the documentation from Freshdesk.

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