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BigQuery is the data warehousing solution of Google. It’s part of the Google Cloud Platform and it also speaks SQL, like Redshift does. Queries are executed against append-only tables using the processing power of Google’s infrastructure. It is also fully managed and offered as a service over the cloud. You can interact with it through its web UI, using a command line tool while a variety of client libraries exist so you can interact with it through your application.

A few words in order to get started with Google Big Query as data warehouse destination


In order to send data to Google BigQuery requires:

  • Complete authorization process when connecting BigQuery as data warehouse Destination
  • Access to Google Cloud Storage
  • Access to Google Cloud Platform project

For more info please check the next section on setting up BigQuery.

BigQuery’s pricing model

BigQuery charges for data storage, streaming inserts, and for querying data, but loading and exporting data are free of charge. That means that it is usage based and as such your daily cost may vary from time to time. You are more than welcome to check the BigQuery Pricing Model.

Next Steps:

BigQuery is one of the most robust, powerful and cost-effective data warehouses. Using BigQuery as a Destination will provide you with an equally powerful fully managed data pipeline.

In the next section we will see how to setup BigQuery. We will start with creating an account and a project and take it from there.

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