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Panoply provides end-to-end data management-as-a-service. It can quickly setup a managed data warehouse and scale it with out you having to deal with managing your analytical infrastructure. With Panoply you can get a Redshift data warehouse fully managed and easily accessible from your BI tool or direct SQL.

If you do not have a data warehouse in handy, our integration with Panoply will provision an instance quickly for you, and you will just need to connect your data sources with Blendo. Blendo will send all your data into your Panoply instance, and you will have your pipeline up and running in minutes.

A few words to get started with as data warehouse destination

About is a cloud-based data management platform

  • Spin-up a managed Redshift instance in minutes
  • Auto-Managed, auto-scale to your needs
  • Panoply handles all the maintenance tasks.

Read more about Panoply on their website.

Panoply’s pricing model

Panoply offers a free trial account that stores up to 5 million rows per month.

For more info on how Panoply calculates and charges for usage or their pricing tiers, please contact their team.


Blendo offers two options:

For more info, please check the next section on setting up Panoply.

  1. Blendo does not manage your Panoply data warehouse.
  2. Blendo uses the email address you used to sign into Blendo to create your Panoply data warehouse.
  3. If you need to manage your Panoply data warehouse or you have any support, billing questions about it, please reach out Panoply.

Panoply tables and Schema.

As soon you connect your Panoply data warehouse, you can start connecting data sources from Blendo.  For any of these data sources, a schema relevant to that integration will be created in your Panoply data warehouse.

When you type a table prefix for your data sources, please make sure to use underscores, e.g. instead of adding a table prefix like ‘fb-red-test-‘, use ‘fb_red_test_’.

Next Steps:

In the next section, we will see how to setup Panoply.

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