This integration will allow you to connect with Google Adwords and start collecting your data.

Setting up the Google Adwords Integration

How to connect 

Login to your Blendo account and make sure that your data warehouse of choice is selected (at the navigation bar). Click on the “Add Pipeline” button to create a new Google Adwords pipeline. You will be presented a list of sources to choose from. This should also be what you see if you have no pipelines created yet. Select the Google Adwords option to start creating your pipeline.



In order to authenticate your pipeline you should click on Connect with Google AdWords, if this is the first time that you are creating a Google Adwords pipeline. In case you have already created a Google Adwords pipeline before, you can select Use an existing account in order to use an account that has already been connected to Blendo.


After you have successfully connected your account to Blendo, the customer IDs that are associated with this account will appear at the dropdown menu of the Customer ID, where you select one. In case you want to sync data for more than one Customer IDs, you should create a new pipeline.

Also, you should select a Starting Date for your pipeline, meaning the earliest date that your pipeline will start syncing data from. Please note that this date is valid only for the first (historical) sync.

Moreover, you should set a conversion by selecting one of the options available in the list.

As soon as you have filled in all the information you should click on Validate.


In the next step of the creation of the pipeline you are asked to add a table prefix if you want and also select your database schema that the tables will end up to. Keep in mind that in case you add a table prefix, it will be used only by the standard resources and not by the custom resources, since you will be asked to create a specific name for these resources later. After selecting these, you should click on Next.


After that you can select the resources that you want the pipeline to sync. By default all of the resources are selected. In case you want to create a report, you should click on + Create Resource on the top right corner.


When creating a custom resource, you should select “report” as the resource. You also have to provide a name for the report and select the report type from the list. For the selected report, you have to select the fields (attributes, segment and metrics) that you want to be included in the report. By default, Blendo will segment your data by day, but you can also add another option. Since not all the attributes and metrics can be grouped together, after selecting one Blendo will mark as grey (unavailable) the ones that can not be combined together.

You can read more about custom reports on this blog post.



After you have created all your resources and selected the ones that you want to sync from the list, you should click on “Create”. That’s it! Your pipeline is ready to receive data.

What Google AdWords data do I have available?

Bellow are some of the tables with Google AdWords data that we create in your target data warehouse.

Ad Groups

Table Name: ad_groups

The table contains information about bounced people for your Ad Groups

Primary Key: Id

Columns of this table include: Name, CampaignName, labels, BaseCampaignId.


Table Name: campaigns

The table contains information about the Campaigns for your Google AdWords account.

Primary Key: id

Columns of this table include: name, startDate, frequencyCap.

Report: Click Performance

Table Name: click_performance_report

This table contains information about your Google AdWords Click Performance Reports.

Columns of this table include: AccountDescriptiveName, AdGroupStatus, CampaignId, Clicks, ClickType.

Report: Keywords Performance

Table Name: keywords_performance_report

This table contains information about your Google AdWords Keywords Performance Reports.

Columns of this table include: ActiveViewImpressions, AverageCost, AverageCpc, CampaignName, KeywordMatchType.

Report: Placement Performance

Table Name: placement_performance_report

This table contains information about your Google AdWords Placement Performance Reports.

Columns of this table include: AverageCpc, AdGroupStatus, Clicks, Device, Ctr.

Expected Google AdWords Data Model & Schema Information

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