How to Setup Google Analytics Integration

This integration will allow you to connect with Google Analytics and start collecting your data. It is a matter of minutes to send your data to feed your BI, your data warehouse, or your custom analytics stack.

Here are the steps involved:

  1. Connecting Google Analytics
  2. Set the Replication Frequency
  3. Load your Google Analytics data into your data warehouse
  4. Google Analytics expected Data Model and schema

Getting Started – Setup Google Analytics integration at Blendo

In order to connect Google Analytics with Blendo you should verify that you have at least Read & Analyze permissions (Google documentation) for your Google Analytics account.

1. To add this integration, go to Blendo dashboard. Click Add a Source and click on Google Analytics.

2. Click on Google Analytics icon.

3. Next you will be prompted to choose a Google account to log into and to approve Blendo’s access to your Google Analytics data. Blendo will only ever read your data.

4. Click Allow to continue.

5. In the new Setup your Google Analytics source screen, choose one of your Google Analytics views.

Google Analytics Integration

Select Dimensions & Metrics to Sync

Now we need to select the Dimensions and Metrics for the reports we want to replicate to your destination database.

Before you start some things to note:

  • Valid Combinations: Not all Dimensions and Metrics can be queried together. Only those Dimension and Metrics combinations that follow Google’s compatibility rules can be saved. Have a look at the allowed combination at Google’s Dimensions & Metrics Explorer here. If a combination is not valid, Blendo will let you know.
  • Google has a limit on the number of the Dimensions and Metrics you can define. Please check Google’s documentation here.
  • Each report corresponds to one pipeline and one table.
  • The Dimensions and Metrics combination can’t change after the pipeline integration is saved. The primary key Blendo creates depends on your choices during original setup.

6. In the Dimensions field, you can see the list of dimensions available for selection. You may use the autocomplete search or use the drop-down to explore it.

7. In the Metrics field, you can see the list of metrics available for selection. You may use the autocomplete search or use the drop-down to explore it.

Custom Metrics and Dimensions

Blendo recognizes your custom metrics and dimensions and you can find them with their name. As a reminder you may find your custom dimensions and metrics into Google Analytics at Admin > Property Column > Custom Definitions > Custom Metric or Custom Dimension.


Expected Google Analytics Data Model & Schema >>

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