Why did my Data Pipeline fail to run successfully?

Most of the time, your data pipelines run without any problems. But occasionally, might fail to run as you expect and hit an error code, an error message, or both.

What is an error code?

If a pipeline sync cannot complete successfully, often we will display an error code or error message. These error codes can give you some insight as to where the problem resides or how to troubleshoot it.

The codes that are used are standard across the internet, for example, a “400” code means an authorization problem.

Got an error code, now what?

If you get a notification or error about your pipeline, the first thing you’ll want to do is to go to the pipeline that shows the error.

400 Series codes

Generally, these codes are login/authorization errors. A good place to start with 400-series codes is to make sure that the connection to the data source or destination is set up correctly. You can go to the pipeline that has the problem and “Reconnect” to reset the connection to the application. During this process, you’ll want to make doubly sure that login information and URLs are all spelled and formatted correctly. Common 400-series codes you might see include:

401 – often points to invalid credentials. The best option here is to “reconnect” your data source / destination and use the correct credentials.

429 – often points to “too many requests.”

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