Intercom Integration FAQ

Q: There are differences between the fields I receive at Blendo with what Intercom exports from its UI.

A: There are some differences between the fields from Intercom’s API and what Intercom exports through its UI. The main difference is event related data (some dates like Last Seen, First Seen etc). Intercom does not provide access to the events through their API and thus some data are not possible to be extracted.
What can you do? There is a solution. Just create an additional webhook integration. This way you will have an additional table on your database where all the events that you want to track from Intercom will be stored. For example, you can send the event of when a user has logged on through the Webhook and in this way you can see when was the last time she was on your platform.

Q: Why I can not find all the fields from Intercom?

A: See above

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