Step 2: Configuring Networking and Snowflake Permissions

This guide considers that you already have a Snowflake instance setup. If not you can read how to setup a Snowflake data warehouse.

By default, Snowflake allows users to connect to the service from any computer or device IP address. A security administrator can create a network policy to allow or deny access to a single IP address or a list of addresses.

Configure Network Access Settings for Snowflake

Permissioning Blendo: If you have the default network settings Blendo will be able to connect to your Snowflake instance. If not, in order to ensure Blendo will have access to your Snowflake instance please make sure to white list and allow connection from these IP addresses:, and
For more instructions please continue bellow.

You can create a network policy through the web interface or using SQL. You also need to have the necessary permissions as only security administrators (i.e. users with the SECURITYADMIN role) or higher can create, alter, or drop network policies.

1. Click on Account

2. Click on Policies.

Configuring Networking and Snowflake Permissions3. Click Create.

Configuring Networking and Snowflake Permissions4. In the next window add the following:

  • Name: enter a name for the network policy i.e blendo policy
  • Allowed IP Addresses: enter one or more comma-separated IPv4 addresses that are allowed access to the Snowflake account. In our case, you need to add:, and

Configuring Networking and Snowflake Permissions5. Click Finish.

If you encounter an error, ensure that your current IP address is in the Allowed IP List and try again.

Next Steps:

In the next section, we will see how to connect Blendo to your Snowflake database in order to send your data.

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