Step 3 (RDS): Permissioning Blendo to Amazon RDS Microsoft SQL Server

This guide considers that you already have a Microsoft SQL Server DB instance setup in Amazon RDS. Let’s set up our Amazon RDS permissions for Microsoft SQL Server DB instance.

Permissioning Blendo: In order to ensure Blendo will have access to your Microsoft SQL Server instance please make sure to white list and allow connection from the following IP addresses:, and
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Amazon RDS permissions

Let’s see how to setup Amazon RDS permissions to allow Blendo to write into your Microsoft SQL Server DB instance. You will need to configure Amazon RDS to allow Blendo to write into it. We will have to add two (2) rules.

1. Go to your Amazon RDS console, at the Instances tab.

2. Find your Instance and click on the arrow in front of it. Then click on the magnifying glass and then click on your Security Group.

3. Then you will get to a page to configure your security group and click on Inbound tab.
4. It will show you a page like the following.


5. Click on Edit. This will get you add a new Inbound rule.

6. In the Type drop-down select MS SQL.

At Source type

In case you need the CIDR version then you may add:

7. Click Save.

8. Let’s add rules for the rest of the IP addresses. Repeat steps 5,6 for the following IP addresses:


9. Click Save.

Next Steps:

With Amazon RDS permissions done, Blendo will be able to connect and send your data to the Microsoft SQL Server instance.

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