Step 1: How to Setup a Snowflake Data Warehouse

This guide will explain how to setup a Snowflake Data Warehouse instance. Once you have your instance ready we will see how to connect to Blendo in order to send your data to Snowflake.

If you already have a Snowflake instance read how to connect Snowflake to Blendo.

What will you need to setup Snowflake Setup

To set up Snowflake and connect it with Blendo, you need:

  • A Snowflake account.
  • ACCOUNTADMIN role privileges in Snowflake, OR privileges equivalent to the SECURITYADMIN and SYSADMIN roles. More info on Snowflake’s user roles can be found here.
  • Familiarity with Snowflake’s SQL Worksheet feature OR access to to a SQL client.
  • This tutorial will use the SQL Worksheet in the Snowflake web app to run SQL commands

Setup Snowflake Account

Go to Snowflake and create an account if you do not have already one.

Logging in to Snowflake

There are two ways to do it, from the Web Interface and with and SQL client or SnowSQL.

To log into the Snowflake web interface:

  • Go to the URL provided by Snowflake for your account.
  • Add your credentials to the login screen.

To log in with an SQL client:

  • Connect to your instance from a terminal window

For more details on how to connect also have a look here.

In our tutorial, we are going to connect from the Web Interface.

1. Click on Warehouses (you may try the Worksheet option too).

How to Setup a Snowflake Data Warehouse

2. Click Create.

3. In the next window choose the following:
  • Name: A name for your instance
  • Size: The size of your data warehouse. It could be something like X-Small, Small, Large, X-Large, etc.
  • Auto Suspend: This is the time of inactivity after which your warehouse is automatically suspended.
  • Auto Resume: If the warehouse is suspended, it will be automatically resumed the next time a query is issued. If you do not enable it, you will need to start the warehouse from the Snowflake web interface or using ALTER WAREHOUSE command.

Auto Resume: Please note that Auto resume should be enabled for Blendo to be able to sent data to your Snowflake db.

You may also create a data warehouse in SQL with CREATE WAREHOUSE command. Read more here.

How to Setup a Snowflake Data Warehouse4. Click Finish,

Create a Snowflake Database

Next, we’ll create a database.

1. Click on Databases

2. Click on Create

How to Setup a Snowflake Data Warehouse3. Add a Name

How to Setup a Snowflake Data Warehouse4. Click Finish.

Next Steps:

In the next section, we will see how to configure network access and Snowflake permissions.

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