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Submitting feature requests for Blendo

Do you have a need for an integration or an idea for a cool new feature of Blendo? These steps here may help you understand how we keep track of our feature requests as well as how to submit new ones.

New Features

We want Blendo to be an awesome tool for any data analyst or engineer. Sometimes this means not developing one thing so we can work on something else that’s more important. Choosing what’s valuable is not easy. We:

  • Review the ideas submitted. That helps us to identify common themes and parts that need improvement.
  • Review our communication with customers via our in-app chat, social media, or incoming email.
  • Our team meets regularly to discuss the direction of Blendo and the features that will help us make it more valuable for you.

We want to be sure to add the appropriate features to Blendo so that it will always be a product you count on.

Submitting A New Feature Idea

Right now, our team is focused on working on a few large-scale priorities for the platform itself along with some important new features. So, our short-term roadmap is oriented towards these changes.

Though, if you have a new feature or integration you would like to see, we’d be more than happy to hear it! Please feel free to send an email to team@blendo.co, our Twitter account @blendoapp , in-app chat or from our support channels.

Reporting Blendo bugs & Support

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