How to quickly view your synced data from Blendo into Panoply

If you want to quickly see the data that synced from Blendo into Panoply here are some steps that you can follow. We consider that you have:

  1. Connected a new Panoply data warehouse as a Destination or an existing Panoply data warehouse as a Destination already.
  2. Connected at least one data source integration through Blendo.
  1. Blendo does not manage your Panoply data warehouse.
  2. Blendo uses the email address you used to sign into Blendo to create your Panoply data warehouse.
  3. If you need to manage your Panoply data warehouse or you have any support, billing questions about it, please reach out Panoply.

When you type a table prefix for your data sources, please make sure to use underscores, e.g. instead of adding a table prefix like ‘fb-red-test-‘, use ‘fb_red_test_’.

Connect to Panoply

1. Go to Panoply and sign in to your account.

2. Click the upper-left drop-down menu and click on Tables.

How to see your tables in Panoply data warehouse3. In the new screen, you will find all the tables in your instance along with those from Blendo.

How to see your tables in Panoply data warehouse

4. Click on one of the tables, and you will see its data along with more info.

How to see your tables in Panoply data warehouse

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