Companies are overwhelmed with data. Data from third party sources or cloud services and their own. To generate insights or build predictive models, they need access to all of our data in one place. This is something that can be done but requires effort and time to set up, manage and debug.

What is Blendo?

Blendo is the easiest way to move your data from everywhere to anywhere. Get the right data at the right time.

Blendo is a self-serve data platform that enables you to manage the various data that arrive every second to your company. It is a matter of a quick setup to send these data to feed your BI, your data warehouse, or your custom analytics stack.

Blendo helps you:

  • To easily manage your data stack.
  • Centralize all of our data from all 3rd party sources and cloud services in a single data warehouse, in minutes, not hours or days.
  • Fully manage the complex ETL (Extract, Transform, Load).
  • Have access to a range of data sources from data coming from your internal databases, your favorite CRM, email campaigns or analytics applications.
  • Collect and remix your data in one place. Make it business value.

At its core, Blendo leverages proven technologies and its infrastructure is deployed at Amazon AWS and Rackspace.


Getting Started

You need a few minutes to start working with Blendo. What will you need?

Blendo will load, sync your Input Source data and keep it updated into your favorite data warehouse as Destination. You will always have your data fresh and available to you.

Let’s read more about our Input Data Sources (Integrations).

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