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Xero is a popular accounting cloud app for SMB’s that helps you track business accounting. It gives you data from invoices, bank transactions, customers, taxes, and more.

Use Xero with Blendo to replicate your accounting data from Xero into your data warehouse. When data update in Xero application – like new invoice – Blendo automatically replicates data to your destination data warehouse.

Refer to the Data Model and Schema section below for a list of objects you can replicate.

About Xero’s Integration

Please make sure to have:

  • Access to your Xero account
  • Have Standard or Adviser level rights.


  1. Connecting Xero
  2. Configuring Xero data pipeline and Xero Reports
  3. Xero expected Data Model and schema
  4. Xero Integration FAQ

How to Get Started with Xero on Blendo

1. The first thing you’ll need to do is to make sure that your destination data warehouse of choice is selected (at the navigation bar).

Next, click on the “Add Pipeline” button to create a new Xero pipeline.

You will see a list of sources to choose from. You will see the same setup screen if you have no pipelines created yet.

Last, click on Xero to start creating your pipeline.

Connecting with Xero

Now, you will need to connect your Xero Account to Blendo. This is a simple process that we’ll start for you when making your first data pipeline.

If this is the first time to create a Xero pipeline, click on Connect with Xero.

In case you already have created a Xero pipeline with Blendo before, you can select Pick an Account to use that existing account. You may also create a new one by clicking on Create new account.

Click on Connect with Xero

The next page is the Xero oAuth page and may ask you to sign in to Xero if you haven’t already:

Add your credentials and click Log In.

Next, Xero will ask you to confirm your intention to connect Xero to Blendo.

On the next page, select whichever organization you’d like to connect and click Connect. You’ll be redirected back to Blendo automatically after that.

Configuring Xero data pipeline and Xero Reports

Now, let’s configure the rest of the settings of your Xero data pipeline.

Tenant Id: A tenant id is an id used by Xero to authenticate correctly. Click and use the one that appears in the dropdown.

Xero Reports: Blendo replicates commonly viewed reports from the Xero API. These reports typically contain a summary of data that may be useful for your analysis, e.g. it may be easier and more efficient to use a Report endpoint to fetch data rather than retrieve individual invoices and total these yourself.

Choose the Earliest Report Year you want us to start replicating reports’ data from.

Choose the Report Starting Month for each monthly report.

Click Validate.

In the next step of the creation of the pipeline, you may add a Table Prefix (optional) and also select your Database Schema that the tables will end up.

Click on Next.

After that, you can select the resources that you want the pipeline to sync. By default, all of the resources are selected. Note: Make sure to scroll up and down to see all the available resources!

After you have selected the resources that you want to sync from the list, you should click on Create.

That’s it! You will be redirected to your pipeline setup screen, and your pipeline is ready to replicate data.


Xero Data Model & Schema Information

Historical Data

When Blendo first connects to Xero Data source, will schedule an initial sync job. That will include the historical data and may take some time to complete.

Sync Schedule Configuration

Blendo syncs Xero data based on the schedule and frequency you choose. The default setting is every 1 hour but is configurable from inside the app.

Replication Process

The first time Blendo syncs your Xero data performs a full replication. Then your Xero data is replicated incrementally. Meaning that Blendo will replicate only new and updated rows to your destination data warehouse.
Note: Xero Reports are replicated according to the setting you configured during the Xero data pipeline set up.

Data Model & Schema Information


Expected Xero Data Model & Schema Information >>

Detailed Schema in Google Sheets format.

Xero Integration Troubleshooting FAQ

My company has more than one Xero organizations. Can I connect more that one Xero data sources?

Yes. You will need to setup different Xero Applications for each data source though.

I can't connect my Xero account

The Xero account you’re connecting with must have either Standard or Advisor level rights in order to use the Xero API, which is required for connecting with Blendo.

I get Import error message "Sorry, Please enable order management site setting to use this API"

If during the Xero sync you see a message that your Import Failed with “Sorry, Please enable order management site setting to use this API“, that means that we are not able to sync your Orders resource.

This message appears because you will need to enable the Enable Order Management in Xero’s UI first so Blendo can have access to your Orders resource from the API.

For more details please check the documentation from Xero.

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