Zendesk – Keeping Track of the Ticket Backlog


What is the backlog of my customer support team?

A commonly used term in customer support is the “backlog”. Which is a nice way of referring to the “work in progress” that a customer support team has? The size of the backlog indicates the efficiency of your team, and it might signal the need for adding new members to it.


Blendo will sync all of your Zendesk data into your data warehouse properly prepared to be used for your analytics purposes. Some of the tables we prepare is the tickets table.

The tickets table has the following structure

Zendesk tickets table

Go here to find out the full schema of Zendesk expected data.


SQL Queries

Keeping Track of the Ticket Backlog

FROM   cont_tickets 
WHERE  status != 'closed' 
       AND date_part('day', Now() - created_at) * 24 + 
               date_part('hour', Now() - created_at) <= 24


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