Zendesk – Ticket Creation Time Distribution


How is the creation of new tickets distributed in time?

Another very useful customer support metric is how the creation of new tickets is distributed in time. Is there a specific time where more tickets are created? Do you get a lot of tickets during weekends?

These questions are important when you need to plan your customer support workforce accordingly to your needs while maintaining good response times.


Blendo will sync all of your Zendesk data into your data warehouse properly prepared to be used for your analytics purposes. Some of the tables we prepare is the tickets table.

The tickets table has the following structure

Zendesk tickets table

Go here to find out the full schema of Zendesk expected data.


SQL Queries

Ticket Creation Time Distribution

SELECT date_part('hour', created_at) AS hours, 
       to_char(created_at, 'day')    AS day, 
       count(*)                      AS count 
FROM   cont_tickets 
GROUP  BY to_char(created_at, 'day'), 
          date_part('hour', created_at) 
ORDER  BY date_part('hour', created_at)ASC;

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