Zendesk – Ticket Distribution per Support Agent


What is the ticket distribution per customer support agent?

It is important to track the customer support workload on an individual agent level as well. If for any reason you have agents who have more work than they can handle, you should act and rebalance their workload. There’s nothing worse than agents with a burnout trying to solve complex issues from your customers.


Blendo will sync all of your Zendesk data into your data warehouse properly prepared to be used for your analytics purposes. Some of the tables we prepare are tickets and users that we are going to use bellow.

The tickets table has the following structure

Zendesk tickets table

The users table has the following structure

Zendesk users tableGo here to find out the full schema of Zendesk expected data.


SQL Queries

Ticket Distribution per Agent

SELECT a.name,  
FROM cont_users AS a,  
  (SELECT count(assignee_id) AS COUNT,
   FROM cont_tickets
   GROUP BY assignee_id)tmp
WHERE tmp.assignee_id = a.id

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