Zendesk – Tickets Get Passed Between Groups


How many tickets get passed between groups?

This is related to the previous customer support tickets by group metric. It is important to not only keep an eye on the tickets per group but also, to know how tickets are exchanged between them.

This metric will help you understand if there’s a bottleneck between your groups and if you have assigned the appropriate responsibilities to each one of them.


Blendo will sync all of your Zendesk data into your data warehouse properly prepared to be used for your analytics purposes. Some of the tables we prepare is the ticket_events table.

The ticket_events table has the following structure

Zendesk ticket events table

Go here to find out the full schema of Zendesk expected data.


SQL Queries

Tickets Get Passed Between Groups

SELECT count(*) AS passed  
FROM cont_ticket_events  
WHERE child_events_group_id != ''

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