We make it easy to collect data,

Here’s how

Self-serve Data Integration

Connect with any data source, from databases and log files to cloud apps, easily and fast. It takes just a few clicks to connect to your data source.

Connect With Any Data Warehouse

Blendo is not bound to a specific data warehousing solution. We connect with Amazon Redshift, PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server and soon with Google BigQuery.

Historical Data

Export your historical data from the cloud service you connect. On the first sync, Blendo will load your available historical data from your SaaS service.

Load Schedule

Choose how often you want to pull data from your source. Some Sources are different from others and knowing when to schedule a data load can be crucial.

Data Scheme optimization

We send your data ready for use in your data warehouse. Blendo will collect, detect data and prepare for you the most optimum relational schema.


View your usage. See transparent reports to check the number of events synced. Always up-to-date where you are towards your monthly limit.

Popular Uses

Product Analysis

Product Analysis

Use the results of the analysis performed on your data warehouse to enrich the applications your sales, marketing, and support teams use.

Customer Success

Customer Success

Combine data from customer support, customer success and product management tools.

Sales and CRM

Sales and CRM

Mix data from your CRM with data coming from marketing, payment and customer success services

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Consolidate and mix data from all your customer touchpoints like Support or Billing into one place.

 All your data from your favorite sources in one place. Access it easily.

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