Understand Blendo’s core features

Enable on-time corporate reporting and informed decisions by earning back time and resources for your data team.

Build a comprehensive data infrastructure for digital analytics, integrate any data source, replicate analytics-ready data with no hassle or maintenance.

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Integrate in a few minutes any data source with your data warehouse. No scripts or coding.

Explore Faster

Work with analytics-ready data and predefined robust and rich data models.


No maintenance or scripts required. Your data are always fresh with data pipelines maintained by our platform.


Your project is not set and forget for our team. We care for your success.

All your data. Right now. 0 config.

Blendo is a self serve data integration & pipeline platform that integrates in minutes with your data sources and delivers consistent, analytics-ready data to your data warehouse. Dig into your data with your Business Intelligence tool or SQL. It’s data integration and data modeling, minus the time-consuming part.

Whichever your data warehouse is, Blendo delivers analytics-ready data

Connect your analytics data warehouse and access your data in SQL or your favorite BI tool. Data Warehouses like Snowflake, BigQuery, Amazon Redshift, and Microsft SQL server are only a few clicks to integrate.

Complex integrations and data models become easy.

Easily replicate data from all your data sources into your data warehouse. It’s flexible, easy to configure, and meaningfully crafted to deliver analytics-friendly data models out of complicated data integrations.


Easy to Use Data Source Integration

Connect data sources from Sales, marketing, support or your product database with a few clicks. Access your data with SQL in your data warehouse or your favorite BI tool.

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Fast, specific and current.

Get unparalleled insights from your customer touchpoints and business systems with consistent data delivered to your data warehouse. Use current information to update your Business Intelligence dashboards and keep your data team busy with bringing more value. Know when your data pipeline breaks and expect Blendo to recover, all this with no need for dedicated resources.

Simple. Effective. Monitoring of your data pipelines.

Things break, delays happen. Blendo checks the health of the integrations and notifies you. Monitor the status of your syncs in real-time and understand where issues are or delays happen with statistics that make sense.