“From finding Blendo, to having it ‘up and running’ took around 10 minutes for the first integration. I was super impressed how simple it was.”

Andrew Joyce, Co-founder, Found

Found.Careers is Australia’s leading mobile jobs platform. Found uses Blendo to built a full data analytics stack in minutes.

Australia’s “Tinder for Jobs”

Found is a platform for 16-35 year old jobseekers to connect with employers, launched early in 2016. For the jobseekers, it’s a location-based mobile app where they can apply for a role in literally ‘one tap’ (hence sometimes they get called ‘Tinder for Jobs’). For employers, they’ve built out both a desktop and an app-based platform. Employers can place ads, as well as searching Found’s database for job seekers to connect to. Found is now the largest dedicated database of young workers in the country. they’ve had over 250k downloads in the first 12 months, and raised close to $3m to date.


A Data Warehouse Challenge, Short on Development Resources

Found strictly splits its team into the “core development team” (who are building core technology behind the Found platform) and “other” (which look afters sales, marketing, analytics, operations, support etc.).

Andrew Joyce, co-founder of Found said: “My goal was to build a data warehouse for the “other” side of the business, without needing to involve the core development team. While I’m relatively analytical, I’m not a coder. I can write some SQL, but that’s it.

To build that data warehouse, Found needed to capture email tracking data from Mandrill, payments data from Stripe, application deep-linking data tracking from Branch.io and data from the mobile app tracking & attribution analytics platform Appsflyer. In addition Found wanted the ability to upload other bulk data on ad-hoc basis (i.e. CSV or Google Sheets) along with Ads data like Facebook Ads.

To realize the full power of this disparate data, Found needed a dynamic, flexible and scalable way to acquire and integrate these data sources. For the analytics, Found wanted to be able to capture individual tracking posts, not just aggregated data (i.e. for Mandrill, they wanted to capture each individual tracking event into a table, rather than just a summary for each sent email).


Discovering Blendo

Found tried various solutions that they were either too expensive or didn’t provide the line-by-line integration they wanted.

Andrew Joyce said: “From finding Blendo, to having it ‘up and running’ took around 10 minutes for the first integration. It was simply a case of adding the Blendo webhook into Mandrill, and pointing it at our database. I was super impressed how simple it was.

Found build a powerful data analytics stack which would be tens of thousands of dollars per year for a platform, or literally months of dev time to build, literally from zero and in a fraction of the cost.

Andrew Joyce said: “I found Blendo support to be absolutely first class.

Now Found can spend their time creating business value, and helping jobseekers find the best place to work.