Get the FREE Amazon Redshift Guide for Data Analysts

If you are a Data Analyst and you want to get started with Amazon Redshift, then here is where you can get started.

At Blendo we have tried various data warehouses for our use and as a destination of our ETL as a service platform. We work with Amazon Redshift too and we have gathered a lot of knowledge and experience on its ins and outs. 

How to setup your Amazon Redshift Cluster

How to optimize the health of your queries.

Working with Tables, Keys and Views in Redshift.

The Amazon Redshift Guide contains tips like:

How maintenance and which tasks affect your queries.

Find out all the options to load data into Redshift and export data from it.

How to monitor the performance of your queries.

Andrew Joyce

Found, Co-founder

From finding Blendo, to having it ‘up and running’ took around 10 minutes for the first integration. I was super impressed how simple it was.