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Are email subscribers or customers churning? What can we proactively do to avoid seeing customers slipping away?

A guide me through the abyss of


Understanding what Churn is

Methods we followed and failed so you do not have to!

Companies that trust Blendo

Random Forest and Churn

We tried stuff , we failed, we found what works and we wrote everything down.

Random Forest and Churn

Can NBD/Pareto help?

Do Random Forest classifiers work?

Taking it further into the ML world.

Random Forest and Churn

NBD/Pareto and Churn

Taking into

consideration the temporal nature of the data.

Time series and Churn

Recurrent Neural Networks and Churn

James Sherwin, Business Intelligence @ The Medical

Happy Customers

"Blendo does what it says it will do…moreover, the documentation is clear and the support is excellent. I’m only partially technical and had no problems with the setup."

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