Import your data into your Amazon Redshift data warehouse

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Easily load your data into Amazon Redshift data warehouse

Amazon Redshift is one of the most popular data warehousing solutions. It is part of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) ecosystem. It is a petabyte scale, fully managed data warehouse as a service solution that runs on the cloud. Amazon Redshift is SQL based and you can communicate with it as you would do with PostgreSQL. You can start with just a few hundred gigabytes of data and scale to a petabyte or more. This enables you to use your data to acquire new insights of your business and customers.

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How to get started with Amazon Redshift as a data warehouse destination

Getting started importing your data in Amazon Redshift is easy. First, you need to connect your Amazon Redshift data warehouse as a Destination. Then add a Data Source. It will take three minutes to set it up. Next, Blendo will import any information from your Data Source and load it into your Amazon Redshift data warehouse.

Connect Amazon Redshift.

Connect Amazon Redshift.

Connect any Data Source.

Connect any Data Source.

We will load all your data into Redshift.

We will load all your data into Redshift.

detailed documentation

Check our documentation on how to connect Amazon Redshift as a data warehouse destination and start loading your data in minutes.

Why use Amazon Redshift as a data warehouse?

With Blendo it is easy to start with Amazon Redshift in no time. Get more answers about your business by connecting and remixing data from any source like marketing or analytics and delivering it into Amazon Redshift.

Consolidate and combine, in one place, data from different sources, such us marketing and sales

Dig deeper into your data by having easy SQL access to your raw data

Integrate in a few minutes with any Data Source.

Sync your data from any Data Source.

Blendo integrates with cloud services so you do not need to write any code. Connect any data source with a few clicks. No maintenance to think of. We will prepare, transform and push your data into your data warehouse so you can start analyzing your data right away.