Import your Intercom data into your data warehouse

Easily load your Intercom data into your data warehouse

With Blendo Intercom integration, it is easy to import Intercom data into your data warehouse to get more answers about your customers and customer success efforts. Drill down to your data from subscribers and their communication, find out how customers behave, what feedback do they provide and what it means in revenue.

Use Cases

As soon as your Intercom data is synced into your data warehouse, here are some ways you can use it.

Customer Support Performance and Customer Retention

Calculate how many messages each of our customers has exchanged with our customer support. Which customer interacted most? What is my customer retention?

Helpdesk and Cost optimization

Find out if the customers that pay more are engaged or create support tickets. Combine data from sources like customer success, customer support and billing.

Customer Success and Marketing

Combine data from other sources like analytics and marketing. Uncover the funnel of your customers that converts better and earns you revenue.

How to get started with your Intercom data integration

Getting started importing your Intercom data is easy. First, you need to connect Intercom as a Data Source and a data warehouse as a Destination. It will take three minutes to set it up. Next, Blendo’s integration will import your Intercom data and load it into your data warehouse. Combine it with other data sources and discover how your product communication with your customers affects sales or customer success.

Detailed documentation

Check our documentation on how to setup Intercom integration as a Data Source and start syncing your customer success data to your data warehouse.

Import your Intercom data into your data warehouse