Blendo Makes Mews Integration with Your Data Warehouse Simple

Import your Mews data into your data warehouse with Blendo

Easily load your Mews data into your data warehouse

Mews is a Property Management System that changes the way hotels and properties are managed through the cloud. By integrating Mews with Blendo, you will be able to analyze ready-to-use analytics-friendly, property management data in your data warehouse, and your BI. Go beyond Mews’s vanilla dashboards and ask any question you want about your hospitality data. Understand how your properties perform, dig into reservation statistics, and what you can do to improve your numbers. Having your Mews data in the same data warehouse as your marketing, support, and sales will help you get a holistic understanding of your business performance. Drill down to your hospitality data and see how your operations affect your business metrics or how marketing and sales data give you better insights on your customers and how you can improve your metrics.

The Benefits of Mews ETL for your Data Infrastructure

It can take months to build a comprehensive data infrastructure for digital analytics.

Build a data infrastructure up and running in minutes with Blendo as your Mews ETL tool and no technical effort.

Data monitoring is complicated and a waste of valuable time to build from scratch.

Save hours per day for pulling and modeling data. Blendo provides you with analytics-ready data in your data warehouse so you can focus on building a comprehensive view of your business.

Accurate, up-to-date metrics and business dashboards are paramount to success.

Get accurate data with fault-tolerant architecture that helps you get your Mews data consistently to your data warehouse and BI tool with no loss.

The Benefits of Mews ETL for your Business Intelligence

Poor or outdated data is not an option for driving the next generation of analytics analysis and engagement. 

Use your business data as a true strategic advantage and improve data quality by automating data acquisition and zeroing maintenance. Blendo integrates with major business intelligence software solutions, such as Sisense, Looker, Chartio, and Tableau, so you can easily and quickly integrate whatever business intelligence tool you use.

Missing data sources do not provide the full picture of your business.

Have all data sources available for your analytics team to understand the factors that affect your business metrics like churn. Integrate all your data sources at once with zero maintenance or effort.

Mews Integration Use Cases

Once Blendo connects your Mews data to your data warehouse, here are some ways you can use it.

Query analytics-ready hospitality data

Import your hospitality data into your data warehouse, or select only the specific resources you need. Get analytics-ready data into your data warehouse with the click of a button and without any scripting or coding.

How do marketing and sales affect the guest experience?

Get your data from bookings, customers, and timelines for your properties. Understand what affects customer experience and combine with marketing data sources for better marketing budgetary decisions.

Determine sales factors that contribute to operations and revenue.

Discover how your operations affect your business metrics when combined with data from accounting, sales or support.

How to get started with your Mews data integration

Getting started is easy. First, connect a data warehouse as a Destination. Then, add Mews as a Data Source. Blendo will import any information from your Source and load it into your data warehouse. We do the heavy lifting so you can focus on building your product and amazing your customers.


Connect data warehouse as Destination


Connect Mews as Data Source


We will load all your Mews data to data warehouse

Detailed documentation

If you have any issues whatsoever with your Mews integration, Blendo is here to help! We provide detailed documentation on setting up your integration and troubleshooting.

Import your Mews data into your data warehouse

Mews is just the beginning, Blendo connects to these data sources and we’re adding more all the time!